High Performance, Sustainable Building Solutions
With the 21st century being called the "Age of Environment," the solution to environmental issues holds the key to sustainable development of humankind in the future. Jindao Floors, Inc. is committed to provide innovative, integrated, high-performance and cost-effective solutions. Its core messages are synonymous with green building qualities: systems integration, energy efficiency, optimal indoor air quality (IAQ), and cost effectiveness.

"Focus on your customers, not your competition"
"Lots of companies get so caught up in what their competition is doing that they spend more time looking over their shoulders than looking ahead. Focusing all your energies on what your competition is doing simply means that you're overlooking your greatest source of competitive advantage:your customers. Companies that are successful today, are those that can get closest to their customers' needs."

Jindao Production System (JPS)
Jindao Floors, Inc. is the one of the largest Asian company dedicated solely to the development, production and marketing of raised access floor systems. Jindao Floors, Inc. is an ISO9002 Quality Assurance System Certified company since 1994. Jindao is committed to deliver high quality products to customers.

1. Company Name : Jindao Floors, Inc.
2. Year of Established : 1986
3. Daily Manufacturing Capability :
2,000 m2 steel access floor panels
1,000 m2 woodcore/fibrecore raised floor panels
5,000 pieces of pedestals, 10,000 pieces of stringers
4. People :
Management & Technical Staffs : 30 peoples
Workers : 150 workers
Contact Person: Mr. Yinglin Pan, Tel : +86-535-274-3446 Fax : +86-535-274-3449
5. Location: We are 150 kilometers away from famous Qingdao Port, China.

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