1. Area:
Land:60,000 square meters
One woodcore/fibrecore raised floors factory
One steel access floors factory
2. Daily Manufacturing Capability:
2,000 m2 steel panels, 1,000 m2 woodcore/fibrecore panels
5,000 pieces of pedestals, 10,000 pieces of stringers
3. People:
Management & Technical staffs: 30 peoples
Workers: 150 workers
Eastern Factory Gate
Warehouse Corner


To reduce unnecessary running cost, Jindao's manufacturing facilities are combination of automatic lines and semi-automatic lines. Jindao is committed to deliver high quality products through strict QC(Quality Control) table management. Jindao Floors, Inc. is an ISO9002 Quality Assurance System Certified company since 1994.
Press Line
Epoxy Coating Line
Laminates Bonding Line


Our highly skilled workforce achieves and maintains a high standard of environmental care in conducting our business. We ensure a clean and precise workplace where our employees and the environment will not be exposed to hazards.
Garden Office
Workers are installing edge trim for FS panels


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