Underfloor air distribution (UFAD) is an innovative technology that uses underfloor plenum below a raised floor system to deliver space conditioning in offices and other commercial building. The use of UFAD is increasing in North America because of the benefits that it offers over conventional ceiling-based air distribution. (More details, please visit www.jindaofloors.com/underfloor.)
Cover story:Teledesic Broadband Center

The Teledesic Broadband Center, in Bellevue, Washington, is one example of this new office paradigm. Designed by the architecture firm NBBJ of Seattle in conjunction with mechanical engineering firm Arup of San Francisco, the project is an adaptive reuse of an industrial building to create the new headquarters for Teledesic, a company that is building a global broadband communications network.

The design of the 70,000-square foot space incorporates many new workplace features, including a high loft-style ceiling, an open workstation plan, an open mezzanine, and an underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system that allows occupants to control the airflow to their individual workstations.

A field study of the Teledesic offices was conducted during the winter months of 2000/2001 to gain both quantitative and qualitative insight into the building*s performance. (More details, please visit www.jindaofloors.com/underfloor/projects.htm.)
The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Completion:May 2002
Size:48,000 ft2 office, ...
Architect:B.H. Boook
General contractor:Vance Brown

Gap, Inc. Wilson/Equity Office

Completion:December 2002
Size:290,000 ft2 office, ...
Architect:William Mcdonough
General contractor:S&W
HVAC design:Taylor Engineering

Palm, Inc. Phase I, II

Completion:August 2002, ...
Size:1,600,000 ft2 office, ...
Architect:William Mcdonough, ...
General contractor:Webcor
HVAC design:Taylor Engineering

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