CamassCrete Low Profile Cable Management Access Floor

CamassCrete system is a breakthrough in access floor technologies. The system is an achievement and new development amongst Netfloor's Camass product family. In addition to the traditional access floor's fundamental functions such as heavy load bearing, high cable capability, CamassCrete facilitates "User Friendly" approaches on "low profile", "user accessibility" and "systematic cable trench system", which are generally required at office and school environments nowadays.
The Reticulated Cable Trench System offers high accessibility to office users
The system is competent to install at low profile under 10 cm
Completely non-combustible
Easy and quick accessibility, panels are structured with 4 built-in pedestals
THE SYSTEM --- CamassCrete CR1000 Series

The system is composed of 4 main components:UniPanel (main panel), Base Connector, Central Cap and Flank Cap.
For installing below 10 cm (4"), CamassCrete? are available in 5 standard heights.
CR1000-40:height 4 cm (1.57")
CR1000-50:height 5 cm (1.97")
CR1000-60:height 6 cm (2.36")
CR1000-76:height 7.6 cm (3")
CR1000-100:height 10 cm (4")

UniPanel (main panel):Steel in-filled with light weight cement, powder coating. Pedestals are fixed at four corners of the panel.
Base Connector, Central Cap and Flank Cap:are made of steel with corrosion resistance protection
Interlocking by Base Connector:To install, use Base Connector to connect pedestals of the UniPanels. Connecting the UniPanels is easy, with no gluing, nailing or drilling required.
Cable Trenches:Continuous connection of UniPanels, standard-distance grid-form cable trenches formed automatically.
RETICULATED CABLE TRENCH SYSTEM --- Easy Routing Of Cables And Fully Accessible

Reticulated Cable Trench is main feature of CamassCrete. The grid pattern cable trench system provides systematic, easy routing and extension of cables. The trench caps to cover the cable trenches shall be installed before or after routing of cables. As all UniPanels are self-standing, lifting or replacing of trench caps are safe, convenient and without resorting to special tools.


Low-profile, accessibility, quiet and quick installation are concerned in case of old office renovations. In real retrofit project, CamassCrete? are often installed on top of old floor trunk, carpet, sheet vinyl, and etc.

Module Set:600 mm ℅ 600 mm (23.6" ℅ 23.6")
Capacity of Cable Trenches:100 mm width for all CamassCrete systems.
System Height And Cable Trench Capacity:
CamassCrete CR1000 Series
Total Height
Cable Trench Clearance
100 mm
95 mm
76 mm
71 mm
60 mm
55 mm
50 mm
45 mm
40 mm
35 mm
Main Components
UniPanel (Main Panel):Size 510 x 510 mm (20.07" x 20.07"). Steel, powder coating in-filled with light weight cement.
Pedestals:Galvanized steel, fixed at four corners. Assembled to system's required height.
Central Cap:2.5 mm thick steel, corrosion resistance protection with powder coating or electro-deposit.
Flank Cap:2.5 mm thick steel, corrosion resistance protection with powder coating or electro-deposit.
Base Connector:0.6 mm thick steel, black, electro-deposit or powder coating corrosion protection
Flammability:Non-combustible. Meet BS476, part 4, ASTM E-84 class 1.
Loading property
Concentration Load:450 kg < 2.0 mm depression (1,000 LB < 2.0 mm depression) in accordance with ASTM E-196
Uniform Distribution Load:Ultimate uniform load > 4,000 kg per sq. meter.
Other tests:Conducting
Quality Assurance:CamassCrete systems are made of first grade materials. Using of refurbished materials is prohibited.
Warranty:10 years limited warranty. In pursuing quality improvement, the manufacturer reserves the right to vary specifications without prior notice.

USA:Invention Patent No. 5.630.300
Germany:Utility Model No. 29620106.5
Netherlands:Patent No. 1017802
Russia:Invention Patent No. 22168
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--------- Worldwide patent pending ---------

COVERING: Actile Vinyl for CamassCrete

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